Home Renovation

We work with our clients throughout the entire renovation process to ensure the end result is above and beyond the expectations and clients are satisfied with the end result and wouldn’t hesitate to build with us in future.

Home Renovation

Now let’s take a look at your home renovation project room by room, with some ideas from us about what jobs to take on, and some tips on how to make your home more liveable. Where shall we start? How about the kitchen, it’s the heart of the home and according to the Houzz Home Renovation Trends Study, the most renovated room in our homes.

Home In & Out

If your project is completely internal and you are only knocking walls, doing a kitchen and/or bathroom renovation, painting, electrical & plumbing then it’s a grey area in which some councils don’t really like to get involved.

Most of our clients doing internal works don’t go through council. In saying that, it is your responsibility to find out what your specific council requirements are.

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